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for Unique Ultrasonic, Inventory Management Systems 

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *The RotoLevel device replaces all previous versions (ST1, ST1A, ST1AD & ST2) 

Tank monitoring is more than just measuring liquid level.                                                                            
There are many other parameters that are important to measure in order to obtain all the data required for remote tank monitoring.

At RotoTechnology, we provide solutions to suit your continuous level measurement needs.

Our non-invasive ultrasonic transducers are easily bonded to the outside of the tank and require no down-time, no tank flaring or annual maintenance.
Our systems are easy to install, reliable and provide accurate liquid level measurements on demand.





Horizontal Tanks & Hazardous Zones


Horizontal Tanks & Hazardous Zones

Measures the time for the transmitted ultrasonic signal to return from the liquid surface. Ideal for large horizontal tanks. The RotoLevel LT is ATEX approved.
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