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Rototherm Acquires Micronics Flow Measurement

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A Leading Manufacturer of Flow Meters to the Energy Management and Retrofit building services market.

Rototherm Group is proud to announce it has completed the purchase of Micronics Flow Measurement, a market leader in ultrasonic clamp on flow meters utilised for energy management solutions for the Building Services market. The precision instruments are designed and manufactured in the UK and sold around the World to help improve and maintain energy efficiency and monitor water use.

The extensive range of products includes: Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meters, Portable & Fixed Liquid Flow Measurement Meters, Energy Meters for heating and cooling applications. In addition, for Process or Water industry applications, Micronics can provide Clamp-On, full pipe or “Doppler” open channel flow meters for contaminated or dirty liquid flows.

The addition of Micronics introduces Rototherm to the growing energy management solutions segment as well as complementing our existing measurement solutions business.

Micronics Flow Measurement is based in High Wycombe and was established in 1985.

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